Activist Wants Guyana President to Include Diaspora Youth in Future Development

Trevon Pollard (TP Photo)
Trevon Pollard (TP Photo)

A local youth activist has penned a stern open letter to the President of Guyana. CEO of Life Investments LLC, Trevon Pollard has called for the inclusion of the diaspora in the development of Guyana. Citing years of mismanagement, the youngster reminded the President that it was the people’s confidence in him why he was given the mandate to lead.

“As a Guyanese citizen myself, looking in from the outside, it seems like there is no hope for us and many other nationals share in this sentiment. The task at hand of restoring Guyana to its former glory, and taking it into the future is an arduous one; but we the people of the Republic of Guyana have faith in you and gave you the mandate,” Pollard said in the letter.

“Your Excellency David Granger, to move our beloved country forward we must focus on inclusion, not only of Guyanese residents but also the vast diaspora of Guyana. Incentives should be in place to attract our people back home and to retain the ones we have still residing at home. A sustained approach is what we need.” continued Pollard.

Trevon Pollard who currently resides on Montserrat also told the President that the youth was central in the development of Guyana. “In embarking on this approach we must place our youth at the forefront of development – you may ask why? If our youth are not placed and incorporated in this process we would be preparing to lose our future leaders to other countries where the grass seems greener.” he wrote.

Pollard who has hinted that he has political aspirations was born in Guyana but has been living on Montserrat since the age of 7.

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