Tropical Productions Hosts Fundraising Cocktail

Tropical Productions, hosted a cocktail Launch of Night of Mas and Revelry 2015 in Isles Bay on Sunday evening.
Organiser Oslyn Butler said “when the group was formed back in the early 90s the main aim was to contribute to Montserrat’s social calendar in a way that would also promote tourism by attracting visitors from neighbouring islands and even further afield.”
The onset of volcanic activity has made the group take a slightly different direction, she told the gathering. “While Tropical Productions has continued to contribute to social activity on the island we are now looking at reviving, nurturing and developing the talents and skills of local costume designers to enhance our Festival.”
The group wants to see a return of spectacular costumes to the festival through the Queen Show and the troupes on parade day.
“We now have a whole generation that never enjoyed the sight of these spectacular costumes but who have a wealth of untapped skill and creativity that needs the chance to be displayed. Night of Mas and Revelry is designed to do just this while seeing the return of fantastic costumes to our Festival.”
During the evening, guests were treated to a highlight reel from the first show at the 2014 festival. Guests were also encouraged to donate generously so they could assist the costume makers to create more pieces for this year’s event.
Those wishing to contribute can contact Oslyn Butler and Lorraine Lewis for more information.

See more great pictures from the event on our Facebook page.