Public Information Evening on Geothermal Project this Thursday

BRADES – A public information evening will be held this Thursday to provide details on the process of undertaking an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in preparation for drilling a third geothermal well. An EIA is the first stage in the development process which examines potential effects of the project on the surrounding area and local communities.
A team of consultants lead by Dr. Erwin Edwards of Atom Solutions, are on island this week conducting the Environmental Impact Assessment.
The session is scheduled to be held at the Brades Arts & Education Centre on Thursday from 5PM to 7PM. This is to give residents an opportunity to share their opinions on the planned project activities. A cross section of government and private stakeholders are being invited to attend and make their contributions.
Officials from the Ministry of Communications, Works and Labour said public feedback was an important part of the process.
The Department for International Development has allocated EC$17.6 million for this phase, which is intended to increase the potential yield of this green energy from 2MW to 5MW. It is hoped that drilling will commence in early 2016.
Completing an Environment Impact Assessment is a critical component in the forward movement of the project.
Residents may also send their comments to