Police Win Debating Competition Against Community College

BRADES – The Royal Montserrat Police Service debate team won Saturday evening’s competition against the Montserrat Community College.

The event was the closing activity for the annual Police, Fire & Community Week which was attended by HE the Governor Elizabeth Carriere as well as students and debate lovers.

Legislatively Removing Corporal Punishment will be detrimental to Caribbean Children was the moot for the night. Despite having only one week to prepare due to a last minute topic change, both groups delivered admirably which led to a tie.

Best Speaker Officer Mitsy Blake
Best Speaker Officer Mitsy Blake

Using a Leeward Islands Debating Competition rule, the final decision was given to the police as Officer Mitsy Blake won the best speaker.

Other highlights of the evening was a soul stirring performance of the Our Father Prayer by Officer Kevin Barnes and an engaging audience discussion on the moot and the merits of corporal punishment in today’s society.


RMPS: Mitsy Blake, Sophia Dolcy

MCC: Daquan Wray, Zhori Duberry

Moderator: Eugene Skerritt. Judges: Claude Hogan, Agatha Aspin, Nerissa Golden. Best Speaker Judges: Jermaine Wade, Cedricia Shiell

Auditors: Carol Howe, Marsha Meade. Timekeeper: Officer Keisha Nelson

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Captain of the Opposition Daquan Wray
Captain of the Opposition Daquan Wray
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