New Book: Birding in Paradise

11-11-15-BirdinginParadiseThe Montserrat National Trust recently released Birding in Paradise, which is much more than a book about the island’s birds.
The 90-page guide also looks at nature and Montserrat’s heritage sites.
Produced in collaboration with the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum (UKOTCF), the book features the wisdom of James ‘Scriber’ Daley Montserrat’s foremost expert on birds and other local wildlife.
The book captures quite a bit of the knowledge you would receive if you’ve ever been lucky enough to hike the trails with Scriber.
In the section on traditional plants we learn about the medicinal purposes of the cough bush, bay leaf and also bitter bush.
The land critters get a good mention, with details on the mountain chicken, the agouti, galliwasp and woodslave
among others.
The largest section of the book is reserved for the more than 100 birds identified on island. This is divided into seabirds including the brown pelican and the bridled tern, wetland birds such as the little blue heron, forest birds and open country birds.
A full listing of all of the birds, the scientific and any local versions of their names has been included.
Birding in Paradise is really a handy guide for experiencing the best of what Montserrat has to offer naturally. The tour of Montserrat section gives visuals of natural attractions to be on the lookout for, the historic sites which are under the purview of the national trust and basic information for visiting the island.
The book can be purchased online from the UKOTCF or on island from James ‘Scriber’ Daley and at the Montserrat National Trust.