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Montserrat Secondary School Assoc. Launches Campaign to Raise US$20,000

The Montserrat Secondary School Association has launched a Giving-Back campaign to raise $20,000US (approximately £13000) by December 30th 2015. The main objective of this campaign is to support the giving back initiative to aid youth development in Montserrat. According to a press release from the association, the December 30th 2015 deadline is to allow sufficient time for purchasing supplies and shipping to Montserrat in early 2016. These supplies will then be presented to the staff and students at the Montserrat Secondary School.

11-24-15-MSSA logoThe money raised will be used to purchase much needed resources for the Montserrat Secondary School students and will support eight Montserrat Secondary School departments’ subjects including Geography, Information Technology, Art & Design, Spanish, P.E, and Biology.

“We are excited about launching this giving- back fundraising campaign” says Miss Sandrene Ryan, President of Montserrat Secondary School Association.

Those wishing to contribute to the Montserrat Secondary School Association fundraising campaign can do so by clicking on this link Montserrat Secondary School Association members and friends can also support the fundraising campaign by purchasing items to include:

• Inflatable globes
• White board makers
• White board film, moulding clay, Geography models (volcano, rivers, limestone, and rock kit)
• USB Flash drives and stopwatches.
• Pencils, pens, Geometry set.
• Badminton rackets & balls, Tennis balls and Rackets.
• Oil paint, water colours and brushes.
• Spanish/software and dictionaries.
The Montserrat Secondary School Association is a registered charity in Montserrat with the objective to work with the youths of Montserrat, by supporting the current Montserrat Secondary School Administration, through the donation of education equipment, which will allow for the creation of a modern day classroom. Since the organisation launched, donations valued at more than $80,000EC have been presented to the Montserrat Secondary School Administration by the Montserrat Secondary School Association.
For further information about the Montserrat Secondary School Association, please visit: or contact email: