Miss Montserrat Pageant Delegates Receive their Sashes

Her Excellency the Governor Elizabeth Carriere continued the tradition of hosting the sashing ceremony for this year’s delegates in the Miss Montserrat Pageant.
Present was the Acting Premier Claude Hogan and Acting Deputy Premier Paul Lewis.
The ladies received their sashes from Miss Montserrat Sharissa Ryan, each representing their sponsors.
Competing are Shaqueilla Samuel, Zenoushka Meade, Tabeanna Tuitt, Maureen Madu and Cadeyah Terurniet.
Each introduced themselves to the intimate crowd who came out to the fundraising event. The young ladies who range in age from 18 to 22 will compete for the coveted crown which has garnered much prestige after the remarkable job that the current Miss Montserrat has done in the past year.
On December 11 at Good Life Night Club, the women will make their platform presentations and also appear in a swimsuit segment. Then on Sunday December, 27, the women will deliver in talent, question and answer, and the evening wear segments.

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