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Iceman is Montserrat's 2016 Calypso Monarch

Steve Iceman Weekes is Montserrat's new calypso monarch for 2016.
Steve Iceman Weekes is Montserrat’s new calypso monarch for 2016.

Shortly after midnight on Thursday morning, Montserrat crowned a new calypso monarch.

Steve Iceman Weekes is not a newcomer to the local calypso scene and finally his years of consistency paid off when he took the crown with his champion songs “Nar Sell Out Mi Country” and “20 Years On”.

The new calypso committee chaired by Roydenn Silcott and Ian Gerald are to be commended for presenting four stellar shows this festival season.

Despite the disappointment of last year’s winner Keithroy DeBear Morson choosing not to defend his crown, the ten finalists gave outstanding performances and entertained the audience.

The final placements are as follows:

Best Newcomer – Ben Durand
Most Creative – ICultural – Razzle Dazzle
Most Improved – Mighty Soca

9 – Rondelle
8 – Mighty Soca
7- Maggie D ($2000)
6 -Tabu ($2000)
5 – Kenneth Rabo Silcott ($2000)
4 – Ben Durand ($6500)
3 – Kandie ($6500)
2 – Cupid ($8000)
1 – Garnett Sylk Thompson ($9000)
Monarch – Iceman ($15000)