Abattoir Officially Opened

Montserrat now has a new abattoir which built to international standards and can allow for the future export of local meat.

On Friday, January 22, the facility located below the power station in Brades was declared open by the Hon. Minister of Agriculture Claude Hogan, in the presence of Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo and other officials.

Hon. Minister of Agriculture Claude Hogan cuts the ribbon to officially open the abattoir while Permanent Secretary Daphne Cassell and Mervin Browne of BNTF look on.

Hogan told the gathering: “As Minister of Agriculture my passion has always been focused on improving the livelihoods of the people we serve.  With my Ministry’s present efforts being channeled into improving and increasing the production of pork, mutton and lamb, it is now possible for significant growth in this sector with this abattoir.  We hope to generate some revenue for our farmers, producers and Government by using this abattoir.

“Today we are positively moving the country towards self-sufficiency in another agricultural commodity and the prospects for export to our neighbors is greatly enhanced.  There will be more to come in our Agriculture Development Strategy and Marketing Plan which will be unveiled brand new in 2016.”

Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo, Hon. Minister Claude Hogan speak with Project Manager for the Basic Needs Trust Fund Mervin Browne inside the new abattoir located in Brades.

The abattoir was funded to the tune of EC$3 million according to Mervin Browne, Project Manager of the Basic Needs Trust Fund. The fund managed the project monies received from the Caribbean Development Bank. Hogan thanked Premier Romeo for approving the use of European Union funds to purchase all of the equipment for the slaughterhouse.

According to Ken Cassell, the architect for the project, the facility is 4100 square feet and was designed to international standards to meet the requirements for export. The building was constructed by Ryan Investments Ltd. Cassell said he hoped funds will be allocated to complete the processing room.

Minister Hogan urged the premier, which responsibility for finance to find funding to finish the room.  The processing room is to be out-fitted with processing tables and equipment such as: meat saws, a meat grinder, a meat dehydrator, a smoker, a patty maker and a vacuum sealer.

Min Hogan and other guests look on as staff demonstrate how the facility handles the slaughtering of pigs and other animals.

Staff demonstrated the use of the facility, which has two holding pens outside to separate pigs and other animals.

Abattoir staff put a pig into the scalding tank, while others clean and those in the back bring in a goat to be slaughtered.