Letts All Stars Cricket Club to Celebrate Former Players

Plans are in progress to celebrate former players of a children’s cricket club which would have been 25 years old this year.


Victor Cabey and an organising team are planning a weekend of activities in March to honour the former players. An awards and appreciation ceremony is planned for March 19. There will also be a church service and cricket matches.

During its years of existence, the Letts All Stars Cricket Club trained boys and girls in the game and enable them to travel to neighbouring islands to compete. Many of the players were lost when the volcanic crisis began in 1995. The 25th celebrations are intended to provide an opportunity for former players to return to Montserrat and meet with their former mates.

Former Letts All Stars Club Members

Frank Allen
Judith Allen1-20-16-Cricket1
Kenya Allen
Kendra Allen
Marsha Allen
Verisha Allen and sister
Tyrone Aymer
Julius Bradshaw
Sasha Cabey
Peres Cagbala
Areana Daley
Daniel Daley
Glendord Daley
Kora Daley
Shawnette Daniel
Nicole Duberry
Caroline Edwards
Derethea Farrell
Genisha Farrell
Cassandra Flavius
Angela Gerald
Norris Gerald
Maranda Gerald
Desmond Gibbons
Glen Lewis Jr.
Sassier Lewis
Deserene Lindsey
Deshawn Meade
Shivonne Meade
Deserene O’Garro
Shawnelle Pounde1-20-16-Cricket3
Alex Piper
Randy Pryce
Samantha Russell
Ziana Russell
Delorie Skerritt
Shanta Silcott
Nadine Sweeney
Zhuan Sweeney
Patrina Thompson
Peterina Thompson
Rosell Tuitt
Steve Wade
Jenese Weekes
Noella Weekes
Nichon Weekes
Sonia Weekes
Madessa Willett
Shadika Willett
Alex Williams