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It is no secret that I am a major champion for businesses being online and Montserrat is in need of much of that.

We are challenged with a small economy which needs foreign direct investment on many levels. You may feel that your business doesn’t have a big impact on the overall economy but you would be surprised. Investors investigate all parts of an island before they decide to put in their money. What activities are on island? Where do people hang out after work? What entertainment is there on the weekends besides clubbing? What are the quality of schools, churches and communities?

The absence of one-sided or no information tells potential visitors and investors maybe they are not ready for business. Not everyone will take the risk to come and see for themselves first. Let us help them make a decision that they will enjoy their time with us and we are worth investing in.

Having a web presence, which is different than being on Facebook is important. There are many people who are still no on a social media platform but they do search the web to discover where they should visit and to plan their trip in advance. It is also important for residents to be able to find out ahead of time where you are located, the services you offer and how they can get emergency assistance outside of your regular hours.

Please take advantage of our current offer running until the end of February. A FREE Web page for one year on our platform. You also receive a listing in the business directory which will stay active even if you do not choose to continue with us. Click below to get on the web now.

Nerissa Golden, Editor

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