Sea Dream in Little Bay on February 24, 2015.

Open Forum This Thursday on Montserrat's Development

“Let all Ideas Contend” is the name of a new public forum being organised by the University of the West Indies Open Campus.
The first session is scheduled for Thursday, February 25 at the Montserrat Cultural Centre from 6:30PM.
According to organiser and head of the UWI Open Campus Gracelyn Cassell, the Development Forum for Montserrat: A Discussion Series is a result of the need for inclusive discussion on Montserrat’s sustainable development.
“The First Forum in the Series is entitled The Conversation Begins and provides a platform for free and open discussions to take place on development issues.
“All are invited to attend and to contribute to a discourse intended to lead to a national consensus on Montserrat’s sustainable development.  The sessions are not to be used to throw stones at anyone but are intended to encourage community engagement,” Cassell said.
Scheduled to present at Thursday’s forum are:

  • Hon  Min of Agriculture, Mr. Claude Hogan – Trade Facilitation and Housing for Economic Growth and Development
  • Hon Leader of Opposition, Mr. Reuben Meade – Port Development and Foreign Direct Investment
  • Hon Speaker, Ms.  Shirley Osborne – Getting Montserrat Fit for Purpose
  • Homeowner and Visitor, Mr. Dave Murray – The Concerns of the Residential Tourist
  • Medical Officer, Dr. Ingrid Buffonge  –  Health Care Considerations

The Second Forum in the Series is entitled Volunteer Voices join the Conversation and is planned for Wednesday, March 2, 2016.
Social commentators, community activists, private sector and expatriate community representatives, individuals from the general public interested in participating in the discussions are asked to submit the following:

  • A topic and a summary of the presentation
  • Name and contact information (email address and telephone
  • An email to with the details above

Only six presentations will be possible per evening.  However, other sessions may be scheduled to accommodate as broad-based a perspective as possible.

The Third Forum in the Series planned for Wednesday March 9, 2016, is intended to engage the youth in our community and is entitled Youth Forum.  Civic Groups and Organisations for the Youth as well as Education Institutions are asked to identify panelists for this Forum.  Names, contact information, topics and summaries for each presenter are to be sent to  Six presenters will be selected.

The Final Forum in the series will take the form of a think tank to consolidate the ideas presented from the previous sessions and chart a development path that has the consensus of the community.

This is planned for March 23, 2016.