First Forum – Let All Ideas Contend Held

The UWI Open Campus would like to thank the panelists who participated in the first Forum for the “Let All Ideas Contend” Development Discussion Series for Montserrat on  Thursday, February 25th.  The Forum was held in the Auditorium at the Cultural Centre in Little Bay in conjunction with the Office of the Legislature.
The Series is an attempt to engage the entire community in discussions of relevance to the island’s development. Despite fears that the Forum would be considered political, all five presentations were done on a neutral platform and
very valuable information was shared.
The presentations were as follows:
• Hon. Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Reuben Meade – “Port Development and Foreign Direct Investment”
• Hon. Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Ms.  Shirley Osborne – “Getting Montserrat Fit for Purpose”
• Homeowner and Visitor, Mr. Dave Murray
• Hon. Member of the House and Medical Officer, Dr. Ingrid Buffonge -“Health Care Considerations”
• Hon.  Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Claude Hogan
Sincere thanks to Radio Montserrat and to Adrian Edgecombe for recording the first Conversation in the Series.  Radio Montserrat will air the First Forum on Tuesday March 1, 2016 at 11 am and Adrian will make the live stream accessible at also on Tuesday March 1, 2016.
The Second Forum, which allows for volunteer presenters to participate, will take place on Wednesday March 2, 2016 at the Cultural Centre in Little Bay at 6.30 pm.  More time will be allotted to the panelists and for discussions.
Volunteers have come forward to present on the following topics:
“The Correspondent Banking Crisis: Potential Consequences and Possible Solutions” by Peter D. Queeley, General Manager, St. Patrick’s Cooperative Credit Union Ltd.
“Hospital Development Plans for Montserrat” by the Hon. Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Reuben Meade.
All are invited to attend the Second Forum in the Discussion Series.
The sessions are for information sharing and are not to be considered political.