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Montserrat Ranks 15 on Top 25 Caribbean Destinations By Business Insider UK

According to Business Insider UK, Montserrat is ranked 15 on its list of Top 25 Caribbean Destinations for 2016.

Under a beautiful image of Little Bay from the ocean, is their brief review of why the island made the list.

Distance from NYC: 5 hours and 35 minutes

Average hotel room cost: $102 per night

In Montserrat, you can explore stunning volcanoes, ruins, and pristine beaches. Check out all of its 19 attractions before enjoying a sunbath on one of its glistening beaches. The island also has the most affordable hotel rooms on our list. Montserrat has a moderate beach-density score of 0.39.”

Topping the list is Puerto Rico. Antigua & Barbuda are in the #14 spot.

The brief mention for the island is gold as it hyperlinks to Trip Advisor attractions for the island. Another great reason why it is important for more small businesses to get a web presence and to ensure they are monitoring social accounts to see what people are saying about us.

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