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Awardees and their families along with Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo (far left) and His Excellency the Governor and Mrs Davis (far right).

3rd National Honours Ceremony to Award 8 Montserratians

The 3rd Annual National Honours Awards ceremony will award 8 Montserratians this Wednesday March 16th at the Montserrat Cultural Center at 6pm.
The awards are to honour Montserratians who have selflessly contributed and committed to the development and advancement of Montserrat.
The Order of Merit will be awarded to Verna West and Margaret Elwin. This is awarded to a Montserratian for meritorious contribution to national development in the field of arts, science, commerce, sports, education, governance, philanthropy, community service or any related area. Verna West for over 30 years of dedicated service to education. Margaret Elwin for decades of selflessness and her commitment to the poor and unfortunate.
The Order of Distinction will be awarded to Jewelline Roberts-Riley, Emmanuel Galloway and Cedric Osborne. This is awarded to a Montserratian who in any field, has given distinguished and outstanding service; or has attained remarkable achievement at the national level or made remarkable contribution on a national level. Jewelline Roberts-Riley for years of service to the community, most notably continuing performance in cultural development. Emmanuel Galloway for services to community in building and construction and commerce. Cedric Osborne for over 4 decades service in the areas of community service, tourism and business.
The Order of Excellence will be awarded to D.R.V. Franklyn Edwards and P.Austin Bramble. This is awarded to a Montserratian who, by extraordinary and unwavering commitment and devoted and distinguished service has contributed significantly to the development of Montserrat and positively projected its image; or for exceptional achievements in any field or discipline at the national, regional or international level. D.R.V. Franklyn Edwards for service to Montserrat in the areas of sports, politics, humanitarianism and commerce. P.Austin Bramble for his political leadership, education of nationals and economic recovery with a medical school.
The prestigious honour of Order of National Hero will be bestowed on an icon for their sacrifices for the greater good of Montserrat. Alphonsus ‘Arrow’ Cassell for the outstanding contribution to culture in the field of calypso and especially his unparalleled international achievement in the genre of Soca. His song Hot-Hot-Hot has been sung in many languages world-wide.