Where's Small Business in Montserrat's 2016/17 Budget?

Initiatives directed at stimulating the private sector were noticeably absent from the recent reading of the 2016/17 Budget by Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo.

However, DfID Rep Martin Dawson said that a separate initiative is in the works for private sector growth. Dawson told the press Wednesday that a new private sector advisor is now in office and currently developing the programme to be rolled out by mid-year.

Hon. Premier Romeo told Discover that he is in communication with the advisor, Hannes Bahrenburg to ensure the 850,000 pounds allocated for private sector development in 2016/17 is used effectively.

One of the first initiatives will be a business challenge fund, the premier shared. He added that the fund will not be limited to any one sector as a way to encourage innovation and a strengthened business environment.

A business case is being developed for private sector development.



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  1. reader says:

    The biggest hindrance to ‘Small Business Development’ in Montserrat is the population size.
    Sustainable business requires constant patronage, and this is a problem in Montserrat.
    Also it would be interesting to know what proposals the Small Business Association put forward to the Government. I am willing to bet that there were NONE.

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