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Governor Carriere Calls for Review of Island's Border Security

H.E. Governor Elizabeth Carriere
H.E. Governor Elizabeth Carriere

With the recent bombing at a Brussels airport which left 31 people dead and 270 injured, Her Excellency the Governor Elizabeth Carriere has called for a review of the island’s border security.

The governor said although there have been no local or incidents close to home, they cannot afford to be complacent about the potential risk, as acts of terrorism increase across the globe.

She also told members of the press that the lack of an operational police vessel has her full attention. Discover Montserrat reported earlier this week that police officials were concerned about security as the MV Shamrock, was on dock for major repairs.

Governor Carriere shared that the 14-year-old boat needed major reconstruction to its hull. Adding, that a replacement vessel was not in the capital budget for the new 2016/17 fiscal year.

She said discussions were ongoing about what vessel is best for the island, given the focus to increase the tourism product, monitor the Exclusion Zone and maintain security. I am “pursuing it vigorously” the governor said. A short term solution for patrolling the waters is being sought.