Johmarie Lee of Orange crosses the finish line on Wednesday, March 23, 2016.

Orange House is 2016 MSS Sports Champs

The students of Orange House made a statement on Wednesday when they ran away with the 2016 sports championship for the Montserrat Secondary Schools.

The house dethroned three-time champs Red House with a 139 point lead of 593 to take the top spot in the annual competition which pits the Red, Orange, Green and Blue against each other.

In the much anticipated tug of war, Blue House beat Green for the strong man bragging rights. The march past was won by Orange House.

Athletes have spent the past two weeks competing in heats, long jump, egg and spoon, basketball, and skipping.

According to timekeepers all of the relays produced new record times for the school. Many of the successful athletes are part of the Montserrat Track Alliance under Coach Wiltson Scotland.

Champions Listed below:

Champion Boy – Class 1 (5th Form) – Yannick Lyn – Orange House (23pts)

Champion Girl – Class 1 (5th Form) – Jen-A-Lyn Weekes – Orange House (30pts)

Champion Boy – Class 2 (4th Form) – Kenneth Walcott – Orange House (28pts)

Champion Girl – Class 2 (4th Form) – Zanna Laborde – Green House (15pts)

Champion Boy – Class 3 (3rd Form) – Deshawn Wilkins – Orange House (21pts)

Champion Girl – Class 3 (3rd Form) – Oriana Johnson – Red House (17pts)

Champion Boy – Class 4 (2nd Form) – Jose Reynolds – Blue House (21pts)

Champion Girl – Class 4 (2nd Form) – Anna-Kay Turner – Blue House (21pts)

Champion Boy – Class 5 (1st Form) – Johmari Lee – Orange House (20pts)

Victrix Lodorum – Jen-A-Lyn Weekes – Orange House

Victory Lodorum – Kenneth Walcott – Orange House

Final Points Standing

Blue – 417

Green – 428

Red – 454

Orange – 593

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