Airfare Drops to $400 as Ferry Service Halted

CaribeSunAirfare between Montserrat and Antigua is now EC$400 return, announced the Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo on Wednesday.

The fare will be available from both SVG Air and Fly Montserrat and is being subsidised by the Government of Montserrat.

This decision was taken after the government was unable to resolve contract negotiations with the Caribe Sun ferry operators. The last contract ended on March 31, 2016 and an interim arrangement ended today, April 6.

Premier Romeo said he has instructed technicians to “work with our local airlines SVG Air and Fly Montserrat, to provide coverage for access to secure regular passenger service, day tours and some cargo services between Montserrat and Antigua.”
The head of government said it was anticipated that this arrangement will only be necessary for a short time whie a permanent solution is sought.
The premier has also taken the decision to transfer access from the Ministry of Communications and Works, to the Office of the Premier. This he feels will compliment tourism, and be positioned along with customs and immigration within the Premier’s remit.

The new fare does not include the airport facilitation charge of US$37.50/EC$101.50 which brings the average costs to EC$ 501.50. There are also restrictions on the amount of luggage which can be carried by plane.

Read the premier’s full statement here…