Montserrat Loses Out on BBC Production of Death in Paradise

The producers of Death in Paradise have changed their minds about shooting an upcoming episode on Montserrat.

According to the tourism division, they received word from the production company that they are scrapping plans to come to Montserrat later this month to shoot an episode.

The episode was to feature the Montserrat Volcano Observatory, the Exclusion Zone and the Soufriere Hills Volcano.

The rough seas between Guadeloupe and Montserrat was given as the main reason for cancelling the filming. The company was unwilling to risk bringing millions of dollars in production equipment in by boat.

A team of 55 crew and actors were to be on island for the production, of the popular television show which is seen by eight million people in the United Kingdom on BBC.

Tourism Officer Cherise Aymer said the cancellation was a loss to the tourism division and Montserrat’s marketing drive. The one-week visit would have significantly impacted the island’s economy.