Holly Rosenberg Shares Thoughts on Missing Montserrat

Holly Rosenbery (personal)

Holly Rosenbery (personal)

Holly Rosenberg recently shared on our Facebook page her feelings on leaving Montserrat.

Living a year and a half in Montserrat and over 50 years in New York, Montserrat feels like home.
I miss the roosters crowing, the open windows, the air blowing through the car and getting smiles and waves wherever I would drive. It didn’t matter if I knew the person or not. I miss seeing how many classes I could take in a week with Shan Murrell, visits with “Pops” and Shan, swims with Pamela Holley and looking out the window to see if her car is there so I could go over and visit and see what we could do next.
How could I not miss ice cream runs to Little Bay with Caroline Maybe, seeing mother goats with their babies and visits with our wonderful neighbors Yogi Laser and Sunny.
Also, seeing the smiling faces of the children at school as I drive to Rams, passing the basketball courts lit up at night with the people playing, happy that I lived in a place where it was safe to do.
Also, visits with Catherine Weekes-Barzey and Ronthedon Barzey at Cath-Ron, sunsets that are so perfect they could be a painting on a wall or on a postcard, visits with Vidya Birkhoff and Ralph Birkhoff at JavaLava always meant seeing friends and neighbors. If you didn’t know someone there when you walked in, you knew them when you walked out.
Everything felt like it was a moment to be captured on a camera, the beauty of the people and the island.
I never knew how beautiful a starry night could be, the open vast sky, feeling like nothing mattered, but recognizing that I was at one of the most special places and that this time in my life, would always be dear to me.
Montserrat captured my heart.

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  1. Luc says:

    Thankyou for sharing Holly, as I was reading this quality life style it reminded me of my grade 2 reader “Friends and Neighbours” a nice neighbourhood which lived on Pleasant Street. You put into words what real life should be, caring and loving one another in harmony with nature. Hopefully you will return and continue where you left off.

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