New Radio Programme Promises to Help Montserratians Figure Things Out

A new radio programme is scheduled to begin broadcast on ZJB Radio Montserrat on Tuesday April 19th. Called, “Let’s Figure This Out”, the show will be hosted by a team of six women, in the first instance.

According to a release from the show producers, “Let’s Figure This Out” will tackle issues and topics of interest to citizens and residents of Montserrat, visitors and Montserratians at home and abroad.

For two hours every Tuesday evening, hosts and guests will present information, ideas and solutions. They will challenge one another and their audience with the clear and constant goal of arriving at solutions and actions steps that Montserratians can take individually and as a collective to address and even solve some of the burning issues of our time.

The programme aims to amplify the discussions around how we are as a people and where we go from here as a group, making special effort to engage Montserratians living abroad and ensuring the unimpeded circulation of ideas and contributions, the statement said.

“We are responsible for ourselves as individuals and, ultimately, we also have responsibility for the quality of our lives and the state of our national affairs,” says Shirley Osborne, who is one of the hosts of the programme. “Montserratians – who live wherever – and other people who live here share an obligation to contribute our skills and resources to determine the direction in which we shall proceed on matters of national redevelopment.”

Joining Ms. Osborne as co-hosts and contributors will be Ms. Oslyn Butler, Ms. Vita Wade, Mrs. Lorraine Lewis, Ms. Elrose Lindsay and Ms. Tanisha Christopher. Says Ms Osborne, “The list of co-hosts and contributors will grow continuously, between Montserratians living at home and those living abroad, to ensure that as wide a range of outlooks and ideas as possible are engaged.

The programme will air live each week and the audience is invited and greatly encouraged to call in, send emails, facebook posts, Tweets – contact us through whatever media are available and join the conversation so we can figure things out together. We expect this programme to grow in relevance and engagement as time goes by.”

“Let’s Figure This Out” begins airing at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday April 19th 2016.