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Montserrat Red Cross Week Begins May 1

Could you be a Red Cross fundraising superstar is the 2016 theme for the Montserrat Red Cross Week, which begins May 1 to 8th.

The week kicks off with Red Cross members attending church service at the Anglican Church in St. John’s on Sunday morning at 9AM.

On Monday May 2, which is Labour Day, the Red Cross team will be giving First Aid support at the rally which leaves from The Lyme to Little Bay.

The Health and Social Care team will visit the elderly homes on Tuesday to give hand, arm and shoulder massage therapy. They are scheduled to visit the Margetson Memorial Home, Golden Years, Lookout Warden Support Units in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, the Red Cross will honour past members and the Health and Social Care team will be guests of the Talking Health, which airs at 3PM on ZJB Radio.

On Wear Red Friday, residents are encouraged to donate a minimum of $5.00 and wear red to work. Children are asked to contribute at least $1. to wear red to school.

The Red Cross members will be driving around the island to visit as many people and work places as possible and collect donations.

Next Saturday, Rose Willock will host a radiothon on ZJB to encourage more people to give to the non-profit organisation. The group is also hoping more residents will be motivated to become volunteers.
Sunday, May 8 is World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. From 2PM they will be a Fun Day at Woodlands Beach open to all MRC Staff/Volunteers and Family.

Each person is asked to bring a dish and drinks to share. Also bring along your own plate, cup and fork to cut down on excess waste and protect the environment.