Montserrat Hazard Map and Customs Maritime Controlled Areas Updated


6-2-16-Customs-16-2-16-Customs-2An updated hazard map and customs maritime controlled area has been released.

This follows recent incidents of vessels entering restricted waters without permission.

The map was agreed upon following a meeting of stakeholders from the yachting community, the IBSU, the Port Authority, Marine Unit of the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) and the Governor’s office. The map is intended as a useful tool to educate mariners and other interested stakeholders that operate in Montserrat waters.

The illustration provides information to show where yachts and other pleasure boats are allowed to enter, berth, moor or anchor within Montserrat’s waters.

For further information of the hazard map please contact the MVO at;

  1. Telephone- (664) 491-5647
  2. Email-

iii.                Website-

  1. Facebook-
  2. In person- Montserrat Volcano Observatory, Flemmings, Montserrat

For matters relating to the custom controlled areas on the map or for information on After Hours Clearance procedures contact the Customs Division of the MCRS:

  1. Email
  2. Telephone during working hours- 664- 491 3816 or 664 491 2456

iii.                After hours at –  664 496 8815

  1. Displayed in the passenger terminal at Port Little Bay next to the Sailclear Kiosk
  2. Will also be added to the Montserrat section on the Sailclear web portal

For information on Berthing or Mooring in Little Bay please contact Montserrat Port Authority at:

  1. Telephone – 1-664-491-2791
  2. On Marine Radio at channel – 16

iii.      By e-mail –

For information on Search and Rescue or for other maritime assistance contact the Royal Montserrat Police Service Marine Branch at:

  1.  Telephone- 664 491 2555-56 or the Marine Unit at 664 491- 9087
  2. By Maritime Radio on channel 16

For information about operation in the exclusion zone or on other related matters contact the DMCA at:

  1. Telephone – 664 491 7166
  2. E-mail –