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Poem – A Mirror by W. Bubblicious Galloway

Corrupted bartering practice was thought no good
Exchanging corn and wealth for mirror was misunderstood
Blinded by the glitter and reflection even then till today
Confused by ignorance and self pity we still look away
When in need or the sight of what’s deemed progress
Desire become the order of the day even under duress
That pimple on the nose save for bridge we cannot see
While we mock and prod our brother with share hypocrisy
The acne in reaction highlights idealistic self centered traits
In the arena for life’s illusion smoking temptation awaits
The feeling of translucence given drop by drop
A balloon of make believe wondering when it’ll pop
That need to being admired by peers even for doing wrong
Some will scrape the bones of skeletons just to hear well done
Our shambled house begging for order is overlooked
Yet the curious desire to know if our neighbor’s food is cooked
Aspire through turbulence like torn denim tossed and scorn
Ironically you’ll see your value your aspirations as slightly worn
Be a representative focused see who you’re representing
Know the avalanche of bribery murkily offers better undertaking


We trod hastily to the religious leader replenishing our ideology
Yet daily more lives are destroyed for that good religiously
Children are sex slaves and war mongers for the ruthless
Daily societies sinks blindly accepting promises of progress
Let’s focus our desire progressively to aspire someone
Its time we inspire others with our positive action
Corruption sculls by in a basket of hope so what has changed
Ideology, sin, rulers, leaders, tell me or is greed rearranged
In search of being admired and Teflon of the hurt caused
That’s mere illusion to mankind’s elusiveness seeking awards
So in the mirror for wealth with the bad bartering practice

See the desire that will aspire the you to inspire beyond malice