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Interact Club Rewards Top CPEA Students

7-6-16-TrevorHoweJrThe top performing student in the 2016 CPEA Exams from each primary school got the chance to select a prize donated by the Interact Club.

In April the club launched its project to recognize and reward the best performing student at each primary school during the 2016 CPEA exams.

The results are now in and Secretary Chenea Browne went to visit the awardees. Each student made a blind selection of either a cash prize of $350.00 or textbooks valuing $350.00. Surprisingly everyone selected the cash prize. Each student will also receive an Interact T-shirt and a chance to meet the Club members and learn about their work. The prizes will officially be handed over by President Encousie on the respective Graduation days.


Nianna St Claire of Lookout School.
Nianna St Claire of Lookout School.

Top students are Trevor Howe Jr. of Brades Primary School, Nianna St. Claire from Lookout Primary and Shay-Reese Chambers from St. Augustine Primary.