Governor Receives Notice of Opposition Leader's Retirement

Her Excellency the Acting Governor, Mrs Sarita Francis, has received from the Hon. Leader of the Opposition, Mr Reuben T Meade, notice of his retirement from the Legislative Assembly in accordance with the Montserrat Constitution Order. She has acknowledged this notice. H.E. the Governor, Elizabeth Carriere, who is currently off island on business, wishes to make the following statement.

“Mr Meade has informed the Acting Governor that he is retiring from elected politics after 25 years’ unbroken service as a Member of the Legislative Assembly in Montserrat. As all Montserratians know, Mr Meade served as Chief Minister and then as Premier at critical times in Montserrat’s history. Although I have only known Mr Meade for a short time in his capacity as the Leader of the Opposition, I know that his service to Montserrat goes beyond those 25 years and wider than his service in the Legislative Assembly. I wish Mr Meade every happiness  and success in his future endeavours.”