Spirit of Montserrat photo of King Natty after being crowned 2016 calypso monarch.

King Natty takes Calypso Monarch Crown

King Natty is truly the king after claiming his turn as calypso monarch of the Montserrat Festival annual competition early Saturday morning.

Kevin Farrell has been a regular entry in the calypso competition for many years and also plays lead guitar with the Black Rhythm Band, backing up all the other calypsonians. His two songs Bad Mind and Big Up to Funky Man were released with his trademark infectious lyrics and rhythms.

While many thought the crown would go to a former monarch Garnett ‘Sylk’ Thompson or Kenneth ‘Rabo’ Silcott, the final judgement declared otherwise.

After making it through calypso eliminations with 31 singers and the semi-finals, the final 10 competed in two rounds over five hours with several breaks due to rain.

Radio personality Basil Chambers announced the winners as follows:

Calypso Finals Results:
Monarch – King Natty – $15000
2 – Kenneth ‘Rabo’ Silcott – $10000
3 – Silvina ‘Kandie’ Malone – $7000
4 – Garnett ‘Sylk’ Thompson – $5500
5 – Herman ‘Cupid’ Francis – $4000
6- Renford ‘Kulcha Don’ Gibbons – $3500
7 – Kelvin ‘Tabu’ Duberry – $3000
8 – Nathanial ‘Ben’ Durand – $2500
9 – Steve ‘Ice Man’ Weekes – $2000
10 – Maxcine Lee – $1000
William Ruler Morraine – Crowd Favourite Award – ($250) – Sylk
Denise Philip Award – Most Creative Calypso – Fairy Tales – Cupid
Most Improved Calypsonian – King Natty
Best Social Commentary – Memoirs of a Man – Rabo