MUL Update on Frequent Power Outages

The power company is hoping the recent spate of outages are now a thing of the past.

Director of Montserrat Utilities Ltd. David Thomson told ZJB Radio that the latest outages, which began at the start of the month, involved a rented unit. He said they discovered the generator had a loose internal wire, which has since been repaired. “We hope the fix will hold,” added Thomson.

General Manager of MUL, David Thomson
General Manager of MUL, David Thomson

Power was restored to the island which had been without electricity from about noon on Wednesday. The director noted there are still longstanding problem with other generators and progress is being made to have the new station on stream.

He told the radio news that they are still in the testing and commissioning phase for the new generators. Current work isto ensure the new generators can be controlled from the operating room. He explained that a few weakness have been discovered and they are working to strengthen them.

Once they work through the issues, then they would be in a better position to say when they will be brought online.

The Caribbean Development Bank approved a USD 2.5 million for the power project in 2011. The project which was to construct a power plant with a new 1.5 mw diesel alternator was initially scheduled to be completed by June 2015.