Public Service Task Force To Implement GOM Empowering Excellence Programme

The Public Service Task Force (PSTF) to implement and champion the Empowering Excellence Programme (EEP) through Human Resources (HR) transformation was formally launched on Monday February 6, 2017, at the Police Conference Room in Brades.

The aim of the Task Force is to work with the Cabinet Committee for Empowering Excellence (CCEE) over the next 18 months to identify, prioritise and help drive key reforms in the management of Human Resources in the Government of Montserrat.

The PSTF, which comprises of a group of representatives of various areas and levels of the public service will dissect, brainstorm, discuss and advance the various aspect of the Empowering Excellence Programme with a view toward empowering excellence, so that the capacity of the public service can be built and excellent services can be delivered on behalf of the Government of Montserrat.

Speaking during the launch, Her Excellency, Governor Elizabeth Carriere underscored the importance of the HR transformation programme to transform the public service from where it is now to a place of excellence.

She urged the members of the Task Force to let go of preconceptions and allegiance to hierarchy and work together as a team to ensure the objectives, goals and outcomes of the programme are achieved.

Addressing the gathering, the Honourable Deputy Premier Delmaude Ryan highlighted the need for HR reform to improve the Government of Montserrat procedures and policies and to make the delivery of public services more efficient and effective.

Mrs Ryan also thanked the members of the task force for embracing the challenge and stepping up to the plate.

The Honourable Deputy Governor Lyndell Simpson added that the programme will not only transform the Human Resource Management Unit (HRMU) but the entire public service. She shared that the Empowering Excellence Programme (EEP) through Human Resources (HR) transformation project comprises of four phases and will run over a period of eighteen (18) months.

Mrs Simpson further highlighted the inclusiveness of all the Public Service Task Force groupings in the transformation process so that it’s tailor-made for the Montserrat public service. The grouping includes the Civil Service Association and the Young Workers Committee; the Human Resource Management Unit; the Labour Department; Office of the Deputy Governor; A nominated representative from the  Core Management Team; a selected representative from Senior Public Service Managers (Directors); a selected  representative  from  Public  Service  Middle Managers; selected representatives from Public Service Executive Officers; selected representatives from Junior Public Officers; a nominee from the Nurses Association; a nominee from the Royal Montserrat Police and Fire Services and a nominee from the Montserrat Union of Teachers.

Programme Manager for the Empowering Excellence Programme (EEP), Cheverlyn Williams-Kirnon who chaired the brief ceremony, encouraged the members of the Public Service Task Force to leave a legacy of excellent service delivery and to work together as a team to advance this transformation project.