Montserrat Meets the World

Montserrat National Youth Choir


Music Director, Ines Lapa
Music Director, Ines Lapa

2-26-17-choir-statueMontserrat National Choir annual showcase took us on a trip around the world.
Playing to an almost full cultural centre, the group of 30 plus children from primary and secondary school sang traditional songs and lullabys from countries as close as the USA and as far away as China and Australia.
The evening was interspersed with the animated story of a young girl, voiced by Keturah Daley who receives a letter from a brother she never knew. He says he wants to meet her and invites her to answer the clues he will send her. The first clue leads her to the city of Montserrat in Colombia, where she meets a young girl who takes her on the tour of the city.
Throughout the evening, the audience got to learn about various countries around the world which have similarities to Montserrat but also lots of differences. The children performed music at each destination.
Songs from Armenia, Australia, the United States,Cape Verde, China, Columbia, and Portugal were heard. Peter Filleul was a guest performer on the stop in England.
Music for the evening was provided by the ukelele band, Joshua Golden on bass, ReBeat which recycles buckets and barrels to make instruments, and the national youth choir.