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Brades Primary Wins Inter-School Sports Meet

4-6-17-sports3The students and staff of Brades Primary took home the trophy and a new year of bragging rights after cleaning up at the annual Inter-School Sports Meet on Wednesday.

In front of a very energetic and large crowd at the Little Bay Playing Field, the school with hundreds of supporters sporting green dominated most of the races on the track and also the road race, long jump and cricket ball throw.

St Augustine Primary and Brades Primary competed in the Tug of War, which was definitively won by St. Augustine.

The catholic school also took top prize for the all important march past after a sterling showing on the parade ground.

In the final count Brades Primary got 249 points, Lookout Primary 135, St Augustine Primary 112, and Lighthouse Community Academy with 19.

Sports commentators and attendees said they got great pleasure from seeing the upstart Lighthouse Community make a stellar showing at the games. For the first time since the school began in 2004, they fielded competitors in all of the races. Their students also made it to the medal podium for many of the top events.

In the final count the top winners were as follows:

Top Girl Class 1 Aisha Wilkin (Brades} and Brianna Bryan (Lookout)
Top Boy Class 1 Dajhann Williams (Lookout)
Top Girl Class 2 Kendecia Meade (SAS)
Top Boy G’Ovaughny Browne (Lookout)
Top Boy Class 3 Trishawn Molyneaux (Brades)
Top Girl Class 3 Yashiva Faulknor (Brades)

Victrix Lodurum – Kendecia Meade (SAS)

Victor Lodurum – G’Ovaughny Browne (Lookout)