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More Delays in 2017/18 Budget

No date for the annual budget presentation has been set.

According to a statement from the Office of the Premier, there have been further delays in receiving confirmation of Montserrat’s support from the Department for International Development (DfiD).

“Further to the Press Release dated the 16th of March, the Government of Montserrat can now confirm that the Premier Donaldson Romeo has signed the Provisional General Warrant which allows Ministries to continue spending from the 1st of April until the Appropriation Bill (2017/18 Budget) is approved by Legislative Assembly. 

“We confirm that we have yet to receive any confirmation from DFID with regards to Montserrat’s Financial Aid Business Case as the Ministers for DFID have yet to complete their review. Montserrat is in the same position as other Overseas Territories that receive financial aid from DFID, but have been assured that a response will be communicated in ‘good time’” the statement read.

For the 2016/17 Budget, DFID committed up to £17,479,000 for recurrent expenditures of GOM, £1,402,000 in access subsidy and up to £1,720,000 in technical cooperation and capacity building. (Source: Ministry of Finance)