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GOM Releases 2017/18 Training and Scholarship Priority List

The Government of Montserrat has released its 2017/18 long-term learning and development requirements.
The list includes specialty areas of nursing, geothermal, ICT and engineering among others. However, it does not include any areas in the creative arts.

Students or current employees can apply at the Human Resources Management Unit, Office of the Deputy Governor for a scholarship. Deadline for receipt of applications is May 15, 2017.

Forms are available at the office or email
The list is presented as released in the order or priority.

  1. BSc Social Work
  2. Diploma/BSc Construction Management
  3. BSc Public Health Nursing
  4. Asc/BSc General Agriculture/Crop Science & Technology
  5. BSc Medical Technology
  6. BSc/MSc Earth Science (Geology/Geophysics/Geochemistry/Geological Engineering) or Geothermal Engineering
  7. B.Eng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  8. BSc Diagnostic Imaging (Radiography)
  9. B.Eng (Hons) Civil Engineering
  10. BSc Urban and Regional Planning
  11. B.Ed Industrial Technology with Teacher Training
  12. BSc Forestry (Forest Resource Management)
  13. BSc Architecture
  14. Certificate/B.Ed Education (Primary)
  15. Computer Science & Information Technology/Software Engineering
  16. BSc Oncology Nursing
  17. BSc/MSc Counseling Psychology
  18. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  19. BSc Environmental & Natural Resource Management
  20. BSc/MSc Psychology major in Clinical Psychology
  21. BSc Facilities Management
  22. Certificate/Diploma/BSc Geographic & Land Information Systems Management or BSc/ASc Survey & Geographic Information Sciences
  23. BSc Dietetics/Nutrition
  24. BSc Family Nurse Practitioner
  25. BA/B.Ed Early Childhood Education
  26. Degree in Gerontology
  27. BSc Nursing – Post RN
  28. MA Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security or related field
  29. BSc/MSc Physiotherapy
  30. Advanced Diploma in Midwifery (Post Associate Degree Diploma Programme)
  31. BSc Food Science & Technology
  32. BSc Applied Sciences with minor in Economics
  33. BSc/MA International Trade & Finance
  34. BSc Political Science & International Relations
  35. B.Ed Business Studies with Teacher Training
  36. BSc Marine Navigation Technology/Diploma Marine Mechanics
  37. BSc Sports Management
  38. Diploma Electrical Installation
  39. BSc Industrial Arts majoring in Electricity or Electronics with Teacher training
  40. BSc Sports Management
  41. Diploma Dental Assisting
  42. BSc Library & Archiving Studies
  43. BSc Accounting/BSc Economics
  44. Certificate/BSc/MA Contract Management & Procurement
  45. Post Graduate Diploma Project Management
  46. BSc/MSc Industrial Organisational Psychology
  47. Public Finance Management