Legislative Assembly Hosts 2nd MSS Orientation Week

The Montserrat Legislature Assembly has announced that it will host the 2nd Annual Orientation Week for students transitioning from Primary School into 1st Form at the Montserrat Secondary School.
The MSS Orientation Week 2017 activities will commence on Tuesday September 5th, 2017 and continue until Friday 8th September 2017. Sessions will take place at the Cultural Centre, except for Outdoor Day when students and staff venture out to explore and enjoy Montserrat’s natural wonders.
“Orientation Week 2016 was an astounding and inspirational event,” Says Speaker Shirley Osborne. “It was an absolute pleasure to work with the children – more than 60 children between the ages of 10 and 12, who were all bright, inquisitive, creative, curious, smart with immeasurable potential. It was definitely one of the highlights of my year.

Business leaders like John E Wyke and Anita Valechha are invited to speak to the students. (2016 Photo)

“The Legislative Assembly staff and I are delighted to be able to engage another group. It is a tradition, now. Every year, the Legislative Assembly will work with the school to support these young people in transitioning successfully. We will do everything we can to help prepare them to succeed. We want to help them build their dreams and aspirations and excel at anything they choose.”
“Right from the start, we indicated that we intended that this be an annual event and that we would be exploring ways of expanding our collaboration within Montserrat’s Education System to engage and empower children in the other forms at MSS and those still in Primary Schools.
“We are extending our support to the school’s student leaders, teachers, parents as well, because we believe that this cooperation and collaboration is an important contribution to building and strengthening our island and people on every level.”
The Clerk of the Legislature Assembly, Mrs. Judith Baker, a former teacher, reiterates the Legislature’s commitment, “The entire staff of the Legislature is proud of the work we did over the past year with the children and are fully committed to continuing and indeed, increasing our engagement and support for the young people of Montserrat, who will one day comprise the Montserrat Legislative Assembly and the staff of the Office of the Legislature.”