2nd Volcano Catch Fishing Tournament in October

Fabulous Entertainment has announced it will be hosting the Montserrat Volcano Catch Fishing Tournament 28-29 October, 2017.
Organizer Jermaine Wade first hosted the event in May 2015 with EC$20,000 at stake. This year the prize money has been increased and up to EC $50,000 is available for winning fishers.

Each captain, wishing to participate must register their boat before 6PM on Thursday, August 31, 2017.

The registration fees will be:

  • Offshore fishing mandatory USD $200.00 or EC $540.00 per captain vessel with a minimum of 2 crew members at USD $100.00 or EC $270.00 per crew
  • Shoreline fishing mandatory USD $20.00 or EC $50.00 per participant
  • Spear Fishing “diving” USD $20 or EC 50.00 per participant
  • Fishpot fishing mandatory USD $50.00 or EC $135.00 per vessel

Visit the Fabulous Entertainment Facebook page for more details. Links to the tournament rules and the registration memo follow.

Official Tournament Rules

Registration Memo

Fishing Hours
Saturday 28th Oct. 2017 04:00 hrs-16:00 hrs (DEEP SEA)
Sunday 29th Oct. 2017 05:00 hrs-15:00 hrs (SHORELINE)

For further details please contact Fabulous Entertainment

Tel: 1 664 392 0557 or 1664 393 6718
Email: entertainmontserrat@gmail.com

NB: Fabulous Entertainment requests each participant to contribute a portion of their catch to the organizers for donation to various institutions on Montserrat to include the Golden Years & Margetson Memorial homes, Meals on Wheels and the Glendon Hospital. “Please note this not mandatory.”