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Gov’ Offices to Reopen Today, Friday Sept. 22

Following the passage of Hurricane Maria, Her Excellency, Governor Elizabeth Carriere and the Honourable Deputy Governor Lyndell Simpson have agreed that all Government offices will open on Friday September 22nd, 2017 at 8 in the morning for normal business.

Additionally, the Ministry of Health Headquarters at Government Headquarters in Brades will be moving to the E Karney Osborne building in the Little Bay area.

All teachers in public and private schools are asked to report to work on Friday at 10 in the morning to prepare for the resumption of classes.  A further announcement will be made on Friday afternoon regarding the resumption of all public and private schools.
The Casualty Department at the St Johns hospital is now fully operational at its permanent location.  The laboratory and x-ray departments are open only for emergency services.  Persons in need of urgent top up of medications are asked to visit the Casualty Department or District Clinics. All hospital services resume on Monday September 25th, 2017.
Montserrat suffered minimal damage as compared to other islands totally devastated by the passage of Hurricane Maria. Electricity has been restored to many areas of the island. The power company has committed to having every area back on the grid by Sunday night, said MUL Manager Kendall Lee.