High waist designs also available.

Are You Ready to Revel with iDiva Mas?

iDiva Mas Monokini – Revellers 2017

Have you sorted out your costume to play mas this year? Well actually parade day will be January 2018 but that only means you have a few extra days to work on your festival body.

Designer Sharlene Lindsay is back for the 2017/18 Montserrat Festival with her Island Diva Mas troupe. Revellers is this year’s theme and the collection features her favourite things, lots of beads and feathers with her usual vibrant colours, which look great on any skin tone.
Understanding how challenging the year has been for many, she’s created a smaller collection of pieces but with the same ability for each mas player to customize.

“We’re used to having three adult sections (one all-female section and two mixed sex/genders) along with our kids and teens. This year it’s one section but different design options to suit the preferences and body types of our masqueraders,” Lindsay revealed.

High waist designs also available.

“Of course, we still offer customization services to those masqueraders who want to be extra special or look a little different from the others. The colours and prints used are vibrant, just like our iDivaMasqueraders.”

The definition of a Reveller is – A person who is enjoying themselves in a lively and noisy way. Lindsay says this is the perfect way to describe the people who hit the road with them and she wanted to celebrate the true revellers who capture the spirit of festival.

“Every year they come on the road with us for the best street party that Montserrat has ever seen and we let go of the stress for the year past and the year to come. We revel in the music, the costumes, the time of year and the atmosphere. This time of year that massa allowed us a little freedom to let ourselves go….ease d pressure so to speak.”

“No words can adequately describe the feeling of donning a gorgeous costume and being on the road with Island Diva Mas. That’s a sentiment that all iDivaMasqueraders share. This year we gave them Revellers, as we feel that this theme truly embodies our patrons.

Lindsay’s approach to designing costumes is to compliment the body type of anyone who wants to come on the road with her. Along with the customization which can be added, the foundation costumes fit women who may need more breast support, hide some extra tummy or pump up the petite ones.
“The main fabric used is a vibrant print spandex. It has a multi-coloured tie dye kinda vibe going on but then a metallic geometric print overlay,” the designer said. “That’s coupled with neon spandex and matching neon mesh.”

“This year, we’ve upped the level of customization we can provide by cutting down on the number of sections but offering design options. By offering four different options, the female Reveller is given the opportunity to choose a design which she feels best suits her body and makes her feel most comfortable. On top of that, they are allowed to choose the contrasting neon mesh that goes with their costume. They have a choice of neon green, pink or orange.

Further to this, some patrons like extra feathers here and there, a different bikini bottom style, a big feathered headpiece instead of a tiara. These types of customizations are available, at an extra cost.

Children are welcome to play with iDiva Mas. Register and pay by October 31, 2017 to be a Reveller with iDiva Mas for Montserrat Festival.

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