Four Places More Difficult to Get to Than Montserrat

It may seem to some as a trek to get to our little bit of paradise but trust me there are places on this planet that are harder to reach. Here are a few of them.

North Sentinel Island

Our natives are very friendly. Rob Field is all green for the annual St Patrick’s Day parade. (Nia Golden Photo)

Located 400 miles from Myanmar, North Sentinel is one of the 572 islands making up the Andaman chain in the Indian Ocean’s Bay of Bengal.

It’s surrounded by dangerous reefs and the residents love it that way. The Sentinelese are considered the most dangerous tribe in the world and they resist all attempts to modernise. Outsiders are not easily welcomed.

Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha with a population of 266 people is the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world. Located in the South Atlantic archipelago is part of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.

There’s no airstrip and you need to have permission before you can show up. You’ll also need to set up your  own transportation, which means taking a multi-purpose mail/cargo/passenger ship from Cape Town, South Africa. The trip takes six days and is a total of 1,540 miles.


You can fly into Montserrat via two airlines and a helicopter service. We suggest flying in so you can capture the breathtaking view of Montserrat and leave via the ferry so you can stretch those final memories of the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.

1,000 miles from Antarctica is the glacier covered island of Bouvet. Its cliffs are sheer and in winter, its seas are pack ice.

The entire island is a nature reserve and unless you’ve got a great proposition for Norwegian authorities you won’t get access.
Once you’ve gotten permission, now you need to find a research vessel and have a valuable skills such as arctic geological surveying or marine biology and then getting someone to land you via helicopter. (There are no ports or harbors.)

Ellesmere Island

Less than 200 people reside on the world’s 10th largest island found up in the Canadian Arctic.

Make your way to Ottawa or Montreal, Canada then fly north to Iqaluit. From the capital of Nunavut, located on the also remote Baffin Island via an almost four hour flight. Then fly to Resolute from Iqaluit. You will have to stop in Arctic Bay on the way to Resolute in a flight that will take more than 4 hours total.

In Resolute, get on a Prop Plane to Grise Fiord. Grise Fiord is the only Airport on the island and is served infrequently by charters and cargo flights, so it’s probably best to plan ahead for this flight.

Getting to Montserrat often feels like it will take days upon days but it really doesn’t have to.

International flights from across the globe land in our closest neighbour Antigua daily. From there, you can take the ferry which is a 90-minute ride or get a 20-minute flight on Fly Montserrat or SVG Air. Yes, some preparation is needed as the ferry does not run daily (Check the current ferry schedule here). However, we are definitely worth the extra planning.