Fruits and veggie table from Agri Expo 2016

Register for Christmas Goodies Competition

If you are one of the people who enjoy cooking up a storm for friends and family for Christmas then here’s a competition you can enter.

The Ministry of Agriculture is hosting Market Day on December 15 and it includes a Christmas Goodies competition.

Registration is now open until December 12th and you must call 491-2076/3529.
Your entries for the competition must be delivered on Friday, December 15th from 6AM to 10AM. Judging begins at 10:30AM.

Categories for Goodies Competition are:

Adult Section - Christmas Pudding, Black Fruit Cake, White Fruit Cake, Tarts, Jams and Jellies, Wines, Liqueur, Sorrel Drink, Ginger Beer, Sweet/ Candied Fruit, Cassava Bread, Cassava meal, Black Pudding, Christmas Cookies, and Goat water.
Kids Section - Baked Goods and Drinks.

All of the entries in the Christmas Goodies competition can be viewed by the public from  2:30PM until Market Day ends at 6PM.

For Market Day, residents are encouraged to bring their vegetables, fruits, preserves, liqueurs, meat and poultry products, art & craft for sale.

Entertainment for the day-long activity will include masquerade and steel band music.

This event is part of the Agriculture Strategy for 2016-2021. The slogan is “Eat Fresh and Stay Healthy”.