(HRiley Photo)

Economy Bakery Sponsors Surveillance Cameras at Home for the Elderly

Randolph and Hazel Riley. (HRiley Photo)

The Management of the Emerald Emporium (home of the Economy Bakery) today Wednesday December 13th 2017, presented a Security Surveillance System to Ms Cheryl White, Manager of Golden Years Home for the Elderly, located in Brades, Montserrat.

(HRiley Photo)

It is expected that the system, with its eight attached cameras, located in strategic positions on the compound and inside the residence, will enhance the safety of residents and staff and improve the management of the facility.

It will allow Management and Staff to monitor the residents and staff from the office, at home, on the street or overseas, as long as there is an internet connection and alert them if the residents wander from their rooms and the safety of the residence. The system will be attached to a TV screen and hand held mobile devices.

Surveillance cameras for the Golden Years Home. (HRiley Photo)