Work Begins to Repair Carr’s Bay Bridge

Carr’s Bay bypass road under construction. Photo Credit: Government Information Unit (GIU)

The Ministry of Communications, Works and Labour (MCWL) has commenced work in the Carr’s Bay area to develop a bypass road in the vicinity of the Carr’s Bay bridge.
According to a release from the Government Information Unit, crews from the Ministry began the bypass road clearing and construction process on Monday, 11 December 2017. Once constructed, the bypass road will make it possible for the Carr’s Bay Bridge to be repaired and reconstructed.
MCWL Civil Engineer, Rawlson Patterson explained that the bypass road clearing and construction process will include the installation of drainage pipes and will also entail filling of a drop off area between the bridge and the bypass road with appropriate material. The filling of the drop off area will allow for the smooth transition of motorist and pedestrians onto the bypass. He said the bypass road clearing and construction process is expected to take two weeks as the works are scheduled to be completed by Friday, 22 December 2017.
Mr. Patterson further noted that the bypass road is important for this and other projects. He said, “This bypass road is vital to our road development efforts, as we are in the process of constructing another bridge in the Barzey’s area; which means at some point we will have to close the Barzey’s road and divert traffic through the Carr’s Bay bypass road. By constructing this bypass road, we are guaranteeing access to the northern side of the island.”
The Civil Engineer further explained that once the Carr’s Bay bridge repair and reconstruction work begins, traffic will be diverted through the bypass road to allow for the efficient and safe execution of the necessary road works. The Ministry is requesting that all motorist and pedestrians adhere to traffic control measures that will put in place for this project.
Tender documents for the bridge repair and reconstruction work are being prepared and will be published for the submission of bids for the project. The Ministry expects the bridge repair and reconstruction work to begin early next year.