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Combined Nursery - Crayons - (Nia Golden Photo)

Montserrat Festival 2017 Ends With Small But Colourful Parade

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There is no denying that 2017 was a challenging year on Montserrat for many reasons, much of which manifested in a smaller annual festival, due to limited funds for sponsorship, attend events, and to participate in troupes.

Despite the challenge, revellers got creative and came out to participate in the final two days of mas. Festival Day, which was on January 1, as they chose not to host it on a Sunday, brought out many who had not attended any of the previous festival events, to get a first look at the costumes which would be on the road. It is also a prerequisite for troupes and groups who wish to be a part of the Best of Festival competition for a chance at cash prizes.

On Parade Day, January 2, the route was adjusted partially due to the smaller number of troupes. It began at Government Headquarters at about 2:30PM and wound its way through Carrs Bay towards the Festival Village in Little Bay.

Basil Chambers as The Gift – (Nia Golden Photo)

A notable entry was Walking Talk, a stilt-walking group led by Kirk Brade-Kentish. The group of five, which included two women presented African Mythological Creatures. Other fun pieces were Hurricane by Ron Barzey and The Gift by Basil Chambers.

Missing this year from the school troupes was Lookout Primary. However, the combined nursery schools were at their colourful best in their troupe Crayons, organised by Lorraine Lewis.

St. Augustine Primary dedicated this year’s group to the people of the Caribbean who were devastated by hurricanes. Hands Across the Caribbean depicted the children in their neon vests and with cardboard tools, as workers preparing to go in and reconstruct houses.

Brades Primary continued their reading focus with their version of the Dr Seuss classic, Cat in the Hat. The children’s faces were painted like the cat, and they all wore hats 🙂

There were two t-shirt troupes on the street. The Montserrat Secondary School’s business class project Ink Invasion, were back for the second year with Colour Craze. This year, it was the Splash edition which meant by the time the revellers arrived at the village they were all wet.

Jewelin Roberts Riley offered another t-shirt troupe called MNI Tie Dye. This was made up of both adults and children in colorful tie-dyed shirts. A few donned head pieces with lots of feathers to enhance the look.

A notable absence this year was Island Diva Mas. The team behind the brand were unable to make the numbers which were needed to develop the costumes that had been designed. The Rave T-shirt troupe was also missing from the road.

There were smaller groups of two and three people such as RX Invasion and the Maniacs.

Following the street parade, there were live performances in the park from dance groups and also calypsonians.

The final results of the parade follow. You can enjoy lots more photos and videos from the parade and festival by searching the hashtag #MonFest2017 on Facebook and YouTube.

Parade Results #Monfest2017
Princess of the Band – St Augustine Primary
Prince of the Band – St Augustine Primary
Spirit of Carnival – Ink Invasion
Most Creative – Brades Nursery – Crayons
Most Colorful – RX Invasion
Best Children’s Troupe – St Augustine Primary – Hands Across the Caribbean
Best Nursery Troupe – Combined Nursery – Crayons
Best Adult Troupe – Maniacs – Julisia and Maxine Lee
Best Individual Child – Azalia Morton
2nd Best Individual Child – Tyler Lewis – Wiredance
Best Individual Adult – Cordella Yearwood – Wiredance
2nd place – Miss Goosey
Best T-shirt Troupe – Ink Invasion