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The Emerald Community Singers performing at the opening of the St. Patrick's Festival in 2015. (DiscoverMNI File Photo)

MAC To Manage St Patrick’s Festival Funds

The Montserrat Arts Council (MAC) announced Thursday that it will be managing the budget for the upcoming activities for St. Patrick’s Week.

The move comes following an internal audit into the 2017 St Patrick’s Week accounts which showed significant overspend. To date, some vendors are still awaiting payment. The auditors also made a series of recommendations which need to be followed for the committee to become compliant and to be eligible for funds for future events.

The main recommendation was that the arts council, which currently manages the Annual Festival in December, manage all funds related to the popular March festival.

All vendors must have approved quotations from the MAC before any transactions will be honoured. Any invoices which were not authourised will not be paid.

The notice read: “The general public is asked to take note that the Montserrat Arts Council (MAC) will be managing the budget for the 2018 St. Patrick’s Week of Activities. “To this end, providers of goods, services and works are notified that approval must first be granted by MAC, before any transactions are undertaken. Please note that only Invoices duly authorized by MAC will be accepted for payment.” The Montserrat Arts Council encourages full compliance as we move forward to celebrate ‘St. Patrick’s Week of Activities 2018.”

The St. Patrick’s Week runs from March 9 to 19.