Montserrat National Trust Flower Show in Honour of Brave Slaves

Fire up a Mountain is the theme of the 2018 edition of the National Flower Show being organised by the Montserrat National Trust & Botanical Gardens.

We love pretty things. Flowers are in abundance here and a few people pride themselves on nurturing even the most delicate of orchids.

The flower show has been scheduled to coincide with the annual St Patrick’s Festival which runs March 9th to 19th. The exhibition of plants and flowers in more than 50 categories will be held March 14th and 15th at their headquarters in Salem.

According to promotional material released by the trust “the theme for this year’s flower show is in honour of the bravery of the slaves who planned an uprising 250 years ago on March 17th, 1768.  According to historical documentation it was reported that the ring leaders planned that the signal for the start of the fire lit in the mountains, hence ‘Fire up a Mountain’.”

Some of the categories for which residents are encouraged to make contributions in are cut flowers, flowering plants, foliage plants, creative potted plants, floral arrangements, fruits, vegetables and herbs. There is a creative art with flowers and plant materials division for school-aged children.

Visit the National Trust Facebook page for more information on registering for the flower show.

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