Jr Calypsonian Keiana Wade performs at the Funky Man Awards 2016.

Jr Calypsonians Preparing for 19th Annual Competition

The names and photos of the young artists competing in the 19th annual Junior Calypso Competition organised by the Montserrat Union of Teachers has been released.

The calypso show which sees young singers vie for the coveted title currently held by Dragon K Keon Christopher is scheduled for Sunday, March 11 at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

Scheduled to compete are:

Name: Jelani Williams
Calypso Name: The Mighty Shoelace
Age: 8 years 
School: St. Augustine Roman Catholic Primary School
Years singing: New comer
Reasons for singing: I want to become a famous singer
Future Occupation: Auto-mechanic
Song: Empower Me




This is the 2nd year that Raymer will compete in the show.

Name: Raymer Manuel Ovalles -Sierra
Calypso Name: Raymer Style
Age: 10 years 
School: Brades Primary School
Years singing: 4 years
Reason for singing: He loves music and likes to sing as it makes him feel happy and excited.
Future occupation: Doctor or Chef while singing Calypso in his spare time
Hobbies: Reading recipes and playing his Play Station 3
Songs: ‘Let Me Be Me’ & ‘Empowered People’





Name: D’Vaughny Browne
Calypso Name: Trixter
Age: 13 yrs
School: Montserrat Secondary School
Years singing: New comer
Reason for singing: He entered the show because he wants to experience the calypso artform and try to win the crown
Future occupation: In the future he would like to be an architect
Songs: ‘Empower The Youths’ & ‘Dirty Laundry’





Name: Kimari Kirnon
Calypso Name: Master K
School: Montserrat Secondary School 
Years singing: 6
Reason for singing: he enjoys singing calypso and competing
Future occupation: Veterinarian
Songs: ‘Empower The Employee’ & ‘Youth Violence’


Name: Diego Benjamin
Calypso Name: Mighty D
Age: 8
School: Brades Primary
Years singing : New comer
Reasons for singing: A desire to get involved in the culture of the country. It would be fun.
Future Occupation: Too many to choose from so he hasn’t decided as yet
Songs: ‘Cain’ & ‘Little Reach Boy’




Name: Melvaleena Tuitt
Age: 15
Calypso Name: Calypso Shan
School: Montserrat Secondary School
Years Singing: New comer
Reason for singing: She was interested in the art of calypso so she joined the competition
Song: ‘Empower Me’




Name: Tayshawn Duberry
Calypso name: De Delivera
Age: 11 yrs 
School: Brades Primary School
Years singing: New comer
Reason for singing: He said he wanted to enter the competition and he felt motivated and ready to sing
Future Occupation: Pilot
Songs: ‘Long Gone’ & ‘That’s Empowerment’



Name: Kieanna Wade
Calypso name: Lady K
Age: 12 years 
Years singing: 5
School: Montserrat Secondary School
Reason for singing: “It runs in my family”
Future Occupation: Teacher
Songs: ‘Remember’ & ‘Celebrate Who We Are’