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A screenshot from the Virtual Plymouth tour. (4th Dymension Photo)

Take A Virtual Reality Tour of Plymouth, Montserrat

Bennette Roach of the Montserrat Reporter takes a walk through Plymouth virtually.

4th Dymension gave a trial run of its new virtual reality tour of Plymouth to members of the media on Saturday, February 24. The company, lead by Jhovan Daniel, Dexter Small, Jerely Browne, Carlon Brathwaite have been developing the projct to reconstruct Montserrat’s former capital virtually, with the assistance of their business advisor Dr Samuel Joseph.

A taste of what was to come was launched at the National ICT Expo in November 2017. Now, the company is ready to share the experience with viewers.

Starting March 10th, you will be able to take a tour of areas of Plymouth which they have already completed. CEO Jhovan Daniel said the project is a work in progress and new streets and buildings are being added.

Radio Personality Rose Willock (centre) takes a walk through Plymouth virtually. (left to right) Dexter Small, Jerely Browne, Jhovan Daniel and intern Doran Cassell look on.

Tourists will be taken on a walkabout of Plymouth using a headset and controllers. The virtual space was built using hundreds of photos, videos and maps. The team said the contributions of people on island and abroad have helped them fill in lots of blanks places. A special mention was made of David Lea, who has one of the most extensive video and photo archives of the island.

Carlon Brathwaite who handles the buildings and infrastructure said working on the project has been like taking walks through Plymouth daily. He said they are making every effort to replicate the buildings as they were originally but that is not always possible. He added that the team is looking forward to helping young people like themselves and future generations to learn about the town which was destroyed before they were born.

Radio personality and tour guide Rose Willock called the experience magic as she was able to see streets and buildings that were once part of her every day life. Editor of The Montserrat Reporter Bennette Roach said he is moved by the opportunity to show others what the once thriving town was like.

After the tour, the journalists were asked to give feedback on the interactivity of the virtual reality head and hand sets. For people not used to wii games and other such devices, motion sickness is a possible side effect.

Tanisha Christopher of ZJB News takes a walk through Plymouth virtually. “It was an amazing experience exploring Plymouth. Really brought back some of my memories. Encouraging everyone to support the Plymouth Recreation Project when it launches on March 10th. Congrats to 4th Dymension”

Areas already completed are Marine Drive and key buildings such as Cable & Wireless, RBC, Newstand, the post office, and the Evergreen Roundabout are all there to check out. Visitors will be able to experience the tour from their office at the Ryan’s Complex. The cost for the experience is $30 EC.

4th Dymension specialises in 3D modelling and the creation of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. Learn more about them at