Nia Golden Releases Montserrat Puzzle Fun

Cover of Expanded edition of Montserrat Puzzle Fun.

If you’re a fan of word games or just love unique cultural products then you will want to get a copy of Montserrat Puzzle Fun, a collection of puzzles curated by Nia Golden.

Nia is the daughter of Discover Montserrat’s founder and editor Nerissa Golden. She also took the lead on creating the innovative way of sharing history and information about Montserrat.

“There are two versions of Montserrat Puzzle Fun,” said the teenager. “The first is 24-pages and includes word searches about volcanic terms, island events, fruits, animals and lost villages. The expanded version is 40 pages and also includes crosswords about Arrow’s music, the national song and a few more interesting word searches inside.”

The feedback on the puzzle books has been positive and the young entrepreneur who is also a popular singer plans to create other versions of the puzzle game to share more information about Montserrat’s history.

Books are available for purchase on - and locally at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory. Message Discover Montserrat on Facebook to reserve a copy.