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Jaaziah Hackett of Brades Primary.

Brades Primary Takes Top Slot in CPEA, St Augustine Gets 5 of Top 10

Jaaziah Hackett of Brades Primary.

The 2018 results for the CPEA, a regional primary assesment have been released.

According to the Ministry of Educaton, 56 Grade 6 Pupils sat the exams. Montserrat’s students, averaging 363.50, performed well above the regional average of 338.29. The top scorer in the region gained 482 points out of 500 compared with Montserrat’s highest score of 466.

Jaaziah Hackett of Brades Primary School was the top performer from Montserrat. Out of the top 10 places in Montserrat, St Augustine obtained five  places; Brades four  places; and Lookout Primary school got one  place. The top 10 individual performers this year were as follows:

Rank Name Sex School Overall Score

1 Jaaziah Hackett M Brades 466

2 Hayley-Shai Kassie F St. Augustine 449

3 Neah Francois F St. Augustine 446

3 Matthew Owen M St. Augustine 446

Hayley-Shai Kassie, a St Augustine Primary student takes 2nd place in CPEA results.

5 Tené Fergus F Brades 434

6 Quincy Hillocks M Brades 430

7 Shary Barzey F St. Augustine 429

8 Jordon Edgecombe M St. Augustine 425

9 Jerona White F Brades 424

10 Voneika Fenton F Look Out 423

School Performances were as follows:

School Maximum Minimum Mean No. of Students
Brades Primary School 466 233 353.54 24
Look Out Primary School 423 234 318.75 16
St. Augustine Roman Catholic Primary School 449 319 392.88 17

The Ministry of Education congratulates all the students, teachers and parents on their successes after all the hard work they have put in!