Engineering and Social Work Top Government’s Priority Training List

The Government of Montserrat has approved a list of 37 priority areas for long-term training for the academic year 2018/2019.

The list was approved by Cabinet on June 8, 2018, and includes areas of study across several ministries and departments. Areas of study include, Electrical and Computer Engineering or Broadcast Engineering; Social Work; Marine Mechanical Engineer; Information Technology and General Agriculture/Crop Science and Technology, among others.

Interested applicants must have received acceptance to a recognised institution/university before they will be considered for the scholarship.

The full list is as follows:

  1. Diploma /Assoc/ B Sc in Electrical/Computer or Broadcast Engineering
  2. MSc/BSc Social Work
  3. BSc/A Sc Marine Mechanical Engineer
  4. BSc Ship Captain/ BSc Maritime, Captain
  5. BSc – Construction Management
  6. BSc – Information Technology
  7. ASc/BSc – General Agriculture/Crop Science and Technology
  8. BSc – Health Care Management, Public Health
  9. BSc – Biologu
  10. BSc – Valuation/Real Estate
  11. MSc Information Management & Preservation (Digital Archives Mgmt)
  12. BSc or Professional Qualification in Physiotherapy
  13. MSN/MSc – Family Nurse Practitioner Programe
  14. BSc – Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security of related field
  15. BSc/BSN Registered Nurse Programme
  16. BSc Psychiatric Nursing
  17. BSc Organisational Psychology and Behaviourial Science
  18. LLB Honours in Legal Practice
  19. Post-basic Certificate Operating Room Nurse
  20. Post-basic Certificate Accident & Emergency Nursing
  21. BSc – Electricity/Electronics
  22. BSc – Mathematics
  23. B Ed – Testing, Measurement & Evaluation
  24. BSc – Industrial Art
  25. BSc – Agricultural Marketing
  26. Certificate/Diploma/BSc – Food Science and Technology
  27. Diploma – Veterinary Lab Technician
  28. BSc/ASc Geographic and Land Information Systems Management/Surveying & Geographic Information Technology
  29. Certificate/Diploma – Quality Management
  30. BSc – Accounts
  31. BSc – Public Sector Management
  32. BSc Visual/Dramatic Arts
  33. Certificate/Degree – Waste Water Management
  34. Certificate/Diploma/BSc – Human Resource Management
  35. BSc/Asc – Fire/Arson Investigation
  36. MSc – Business Administration, Project Management or Leadership and Change Management
  37. BA Artistry/Archaeology/Museum Studies

Interested persons can view and download the full list on the Government of Montserrat’s website or via direct link at The list can also be viewed at the Public Library and the General Post Office.  

Copies are also available from the Human Resources Management Unit, Government Headquarters, Brades, Montserrat.

Application forms can be collected from the Human Resources Management Unit and also downloaded from the Government of Montserrat’s website at

Completed application forms must be returned to The Chairman, National Training and Scholarship Advisory Committee  Human Resources Management Unit Office of the Deputy Governor P.O Box 292 Brades Montserrat.

The deadline date for receipt of applications is 13th July 2018.